The Early Treasuries

by Abe Loomis

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"The Early Treasuries" is Abe Loomis's first solo album


released April 14, 2014

All songs by Abe Loomis

Produced by Jay Erickson

Engineered by Dave Chalfant & Jay Erickson

Album Art by Phoebe Berkel

Banjo, Rhythm Guitar, and Lead Vocals: Abe Loomis
Violin and Harmony Vocals: Tracy Grammer
Slide, Electric Guitar and Jungle Attack He-Man on Let It Ride, Before The Autumn Rains, and Lady On The Trampoline: Dave Chalfant
Harmonica and Harmony Vocals: Jay Erickson
Bass: Daniel Pac
Drums and Percussion: Tom Leslie
Mandolin: Sam Briger
Clarinet and Saxophone: Seth Paris
Keys: Peter Nilsson
Lead Guitar on Pancakes and Trouble On The Inside: Scott Hoffman


My heartfelt thanks to the musicians who contributed their time and talent to this album.

Among those musicians, I owe the deepest debt of gratitude to my producer and dear friend Jay Erickson.

I’m also deeply grateful to my family for giving me life in many senses, and to the brothers and sisters I have met along the road.

THE EARLY TREASURIES was recorded at Woodin Rock Sound Factory (Pawling, NY) Sackamusic (Conway, MA), and Soft Landing Studio (Brooklyn, NY), mixed at Ground Control Studios (Brooklyn, NY) and mastered at JLM Mastering (Brooklyn, NY).



all rights reserved


Abe Loomis Conway, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Davy
Davy (Abe Loomis)

Come on Davy, knock me down
I’ve been too long here in this town
And nothing holds me any more
I’m just the local dinosaur

Come on buddy, shake a leg
You want to see a giant beg
But you gotta earn that golden crown
Come on Davy, knock me down

I won in Louisville last night
Another day, another fight
Left a dreamer on the mat
He’d never seen a left like that

A broken knuckle black and sore
But I signed on for this before
Way back when I was a kid
And fighting was just what I did


I could have left here once I guess
Just that one time if I’d said yes
I’d be a millionaire by now
Watching my money on the Dow

I’d probly have kids and a wife
Some kind of crazy happy life
But now I’m really talkin shit
Come on Dave where’d you learn to hit


I took my water at the bell
Spat into the wishing well
Walked out underneath the lights
From running cars on summer nights

A whiskey bottle cut my face
Somebody threw it in some place
A lot like this one years ago
I guess my hands were kinda low


Come on Davy knock me down
Come on Davy knock me down
Come on Davy knock me down
Track Name: Beautiful Lie
Beautiful Lie (Abe Loomis)

The cemetery was like a celebration
A wedding train was swinging through the fields
A pageant worthy of the adoration
Magi bowing down and making deals

I don’t care if it’s a beautiful lie
The piazza soaked with rain
The morning bells’ refrain
I don’t care if it’s a beautiful lie
Tell me again

The terraces hold flowers and generations
Your cousin’s cousin finds a home right here
Glad and grateful for your nightly patience
Standing at the graveside pouring beer


You stood there blowing smoke into the starlight
The cool marble pressed against your cheek
Down below, the Adriatic roaring
Neither of us ready yet to speak
Track Name: Trouble On The Inside
Trouble On The Inside (Abe Loomis)

Dunbury Hill in a whirling snow
Nobody moving down below
The yellow grass is dull and dry
The ground is cold gray is the sky

You can run and you can ride
But you know you cannot hide
When the trouble, yeah the trouble
Is on the inside

Amphetamine, amphetamine
You light the darkness in between
I let you loose inside my head
You crash my car, you burn my bed


Dear .44, dear .44
When will you show me to the door?
No more to walk the roads of men
Dear .44, please tell me when


My foolish love, my foolish love
What are you doing here with me?
I cannot give you anything
As you can see, as you can see

Chorus x 2
Track Name: I Need A Reason
I Need A Reason (Abe Loomis)

Talk so fine and pretty
Your eyes so strong and clear
I honestly thought I could lie down
And rest right here

You gave me dreams in the woodsmoke
A bottle of whiskey or two
Now tell me -- my generous friend
What you think I should do

Cuz I need a reason to let you live
I need a reason not to shoot you dead
You stole from me the only thing I had in this world to give
Now I need a reason to let you live

Everybody thinks I'm crazy
They say I made a mistake
The tell me you called in the dead of the night
Crying like your heart would break

But they don't know you like I do
They weren't there from the start
They didn't see the poisonous tree
That grew in the shade of your heart


Now every time I take a step
The dust jumps up in the air
The sun on the road make me think
Of the gold in your hair

And the cumulus clouds are flying
Like the stories you whispered to me
And everything shines on a day like this
As far as the eye can see
Track Name: Let It Ride
Let It Ride (Abe Loomis)

Don't talk no more
Just let it ride
We'll listen to the rain
Beating down outside
We could drown our troubles
In the tears we've cried
So don't talk no more
Just let it ride

Well we had it out
And we thrown it in
We could write a book
On everywhere we been

I think I've made my case
I think you've made yours too
And at the end of the day
There's nothing left to do


inst break

I can see your face
In the fading glow
You never looked so good
You never looked so low

I still think you're wrong
I'm still a little bit mad
But it hurts my heart
To see you look so sad

Chorus x 2

Inst to out
Track Name: Lady On The Trampoline
Lady On The Trampoline (Abe Loomis)

Riding out along the river’s edge tonight
I’m seeing colors in the twilight coming down
I’m not accustomed to this feeling in my heart
It’s been a long time since the circus came to town

And if I seem a little shaky in this early evening air
Don’t let appearances deceive you I’m all right
But I’ve been barking like a hungry dog—it’s ringing in my ears
And she is singing to my better soul tonight

So I’ll raid the flowerbox for my lady on the trampoline
With my heart up in my throat where it belongs
Take all the guidebooks and I’ll burn them up into the breeze
Singing hey hey I’ll write a thousand songs
La la la la la…

Delirium has taken over now for sure
I’m just a pistol going off at every turn
And in the wilderness and wisdom of her form
I see those Western prairies where I’d love to burn

She will not dare to turn her head and look at me
Because she knows that if she did we both might fall
But nothing now could save us and the sparrows in the trees
Are only singing for the same thing after all


Inst Bridge

I’m not the first to find some favor in her eye
I will not be the last, your fairytales be damned
But I’ve been listening to the all night radio
And all the frequencies of spirit have been jammed

But as I wake to smell the morning I can hear
The sound of angels out there singing in the hall
Beneath the wailing and the grinding teeth of lost and angry men
Who hear the bells but cannot find the garden wall

Track Name: Before The Autumn Rains
Before The Autumn Rains (Abe Loomis)

Before the autumn rains, I want to buy you a ring
I want to holler your name, in every song I sing
I want to be your man, sure as red wine stains
Before the autumn rains

Before the winter snows, I want to build you a home
Four solid walls – a roof to keep you warm
I want to sit by a fire, when the daylight goes
Before the winter snows

inst break

Before the springtime flowers, I want to buy you a goat
I’ll leave him out in the yard on a line like a hillbilly love note
We’ll bring him sweet clover, and sit and talk for hours
Before the springtime flowers

inst break

Before the summer heat, I want to make you my wife
I want to take your hand, and hold it for the rest of my life
I want to go out walking, and flatten the early wheat
Before the summer heat

inst break

Before the autumn rains, I want to buy you a ring
I want to holler your name, in every song I sing
I want to be your man, sure as red wine stains
Before the autumn rains
Track Name: Better You Than Me
Better You Than Me (Abe Loomis)

You came into the room to question everything
And everything that holds it all together
You said we might as well be howling at the moon
And walking out in every kind of weather

You’re spinning puzzle pieces round inside your pretty head
I’m shooting bullet holes in signs along the trail
But after all we’re only riding blind my dear
Inside the belly of the belly of a whale

Tell me is it right for me to say these things tonight
I know we’d die before we ever could agree
But time has blown away the shiny things we had to say
And if you’re suffering well better you than me

Once you were kind enough to let me in your sleeping bag
We lay like serpent upon serpent burning up
I saw your graceful fingers wrapped around your quiet mother's neck
And reaching for your father's coffee cup

But now it seems to me you’re searching for a holy thing
Pretending you don’t wish to be misread
And maybe there is some advantage that I cannot see
To waking up in someone else's bed


Now if we go back to the source the early treasuries
Receive the sacred papers from those blackened hands
You know I’d love to hear you say it all from memory
But you were never much impressed with my demands

And now those naked nymphs who ran along the water’s edge
And called with every falling of a leaf
Like silver birds they found the season fine to fly away
And every one of them knew that I was a thief

Track Name: It Won't Be Pretty
It Won’t Be Pretty (Abe Loomis)

They got all these sounds in the same machine
All these voices high and clean
I don’t know about you brother, but I’m ready to shout

Little lost girls run on beats and fumes
Whoa whoa baby in the empty rooms
You can hear the engineer and the brakeman
Having it out

And it won't be pretty
It won't be kind at all
It won't be pretty
You better find a wall

And just love, love, love, love, love that girl to death
Come on and love, love, love, love this world with every breath

inst break

Now there's ducks in the river, chasing the fish
The cat's in the window like Lillian Gish
I’m at the table with the dice in my hand
Down at the Mirage

Red rooster, hummingbird, stumbling prayer
The sun in your eyes and the moon in your hair
And the wine and the sea
Well it's a marvelous collage

chorus to out
Track Name: Pancakes
Pancakes (Abe Loomis)

Well I ramble around on the old freight cars
Most times I sleep under the stars
It gets a little chilly on the autumn nights for me

I’m a jack of all trades and a handy man
I’ll cook you anything you can thrown in a pan
But I’ve got a culinary specialty

Pancakes, pancakes
From the Delta swamps to the Finger Lakes
Soft and sweet, big and round
Stir ‘em up, lay ‘em down

Pancakes, pancakes
Lighter than a feather and thick as steaks
Any time of day it’s got to be
Just the pancakes for me

Well I’ve seen about all there is to see
I even been up to Canadee
They talk a little funny
But they’ll give a man a hand

From the port of Massachusetts
To the dock of the bay
The people are the same every step of the way
And even when I crossed the Rio Grande…


inst break

So if you see a poor soul coming down the line
Busted and broke, and smelling of wine
Don’t forget there but for the grace of god go thee

Reach out to him and it only takes a little
Warmth in your heart, oil on the griddle
And he just needs the same as you or me…

Track Name: Sorrow Is My Lover Now
Sorrow Is My Lover Now (Abe Loomis)

Without a warning, you told me goodbye
And in the morning, I thought I might die
But took a chance and found somebody new
It's not a big thing, I'm just over you

And sorrow is my lover now
And I don't have to show her how
She opens up my heart with velvet hands
Kisses me and holds me tight
Visits almost every night
And freely satisfies all my demands

It was nearly more than I could bear
And all around us, the memories in the air
So when you called, and it was rather late
I said I'm sorry, but I just couldn't wait

And sorrow is my lover now
And I don't have to show her how
She opens up my heart with velvet hands
Kisses me and holds me tight
Visits almost every night
And freely satisfies all my demands
Track Name: I Came Here To Confess
I Came Here To Confess

The sirens called me late last night
From the mission to the water side
So I took down my sickle and my armor

The words are always love and hope
But their eyes burn just like the rope
Wrapped around the hands of this poor farmer

I came here to confess
I came here to confess
I came here to confess
Cuz things ain’t what they seem

I came here to confess
I came here to confess
Sometimes it makes me
Makes me want to scream

Inst break

I tried to hide it for so long
But it’s right here in every song
And I know I don’t really have a prayer

Cuz underneath these lights I feel
There’s no hiding, no appeal
And even if you love me, oh I swear


Cuz I’ve got a workshop deep in a cave
Where mermaids come to sing and rave
And brush their long black hair back just for me
For me

My cousin was a sailor too
She tamed the waves and turned them blue and
Not a single one of us goes free